Wikitube is Locative-Video Software for Augmented Reality Producers



Wikitube is easy-to-use mobile software connected to the cloud which opens up new possibilities in video-based communications for augmented-reality gaming. Attaching videos to a map, users can manage a database of "video portals" around the city and structure them to produce immersive augmented reality experiences amidst the real-world.


Anybody can add videos and other media artifacts to a map in the cloud and share with others. Wikitube can be used to create all kinds of transmedia experiences.
Wikitube is downloadable for any mobile computing device including iOs, Android, and Windows, and allows the client to update the video/media database on the server.
The easy drag and drop interface means anybody can add video layers and other media artifacts onto the real world to design an augmented reality game.

"Wikitube is software that empowers a new era of experience designers -- imagine 10 year olds organizing FlashMobs and Improv Anywhere stunts with Wikitube, but also imagine location-sensitive storytelling and augmented-history tours. Everyone on Earth has a cell phone, and this is software for the mobile age. Wikitube is the next generation of video communication."

Roger Stanton, World Leading Expert in Experience Design


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